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What is 560 Tech Jobs, its values and mission

Our mission is way more than support tech companies and their teams to establish in Portugal. We want to be your 360º partner and collaborate on the journey for your goals. So, let us present 560 Tech Jobs - the latest product developed by Lisbon Tech Guide in partnership with The Code Venture! A smart sourcing tool to A) help you build your tech team, and B) help you join an outstanding tech team (in tech or non-tech companies).

As Lisbon Tech Guide, 560 Tech Jobs also wants to bring the best to Lisbon and promote Portuguese tech talent - so retain and bring talent to this amazing and dynamic city (more and more from day to day!) where everything happens in less than a pop. Also, we were designed to be a global company, so we want to target new markets too and this platform will allow us to establish new boundaries for Lisbon Tech Guide.

From the past months, we search and scrabble a lot for the right answer to take another step to this primary goal (we are passionate about our city!). 560 Tech Jobs aims to be your advisor A) when thinking about expanding your tech team because we know that you, as a business-driven person, need the right tools by your side! B) when you're starving for a new and great adventure in the IT Industry!

To whom

A) Tech and Non-Tech Companies

We want to help and facilitate the hard and exhausting job of finding the right profiles for your tech team and be a little responsible for your success (Come on, just say we are!) so you can focus on your core business. We know that you have a world to search and the right talent can be hidden everywhere, that's the reason Lisbon Tech Guide and its partner The Code Venture care so much about the partners to whom they work with - from the past five years we've been working with the best universities, conferences and events, tech hubs, tech teams and companies from almost all over the globe. Despite this, our chosen one country is Portugal, and we genuinely believe in the power of this lovely place - especially what tech talent concerns!

Start Hiring

We want to have the best on our side, not only about tech talent but also the pool of companies that we work with. This is our secret and the key to our success (And yours!). So, if you want to be part of 560 Tech Jobs and start building your tech team, you just need to tell us who you are, and we'll get back to you soon!

Tell Us Who You Are

Let's talk about what matters: Let's assume that you're looking for the right person that fits your company's values and needs. 560 Tech Jobs developed an exact and strict tool that will be your best friend from now on! And no worries - your company's identity is secure with us!

Contact To You Shortly

Imagine a platform full of talent - different backgrounds and experiences, perspectives and ambitions ready to start working alongside you. That's right - the platform only shows up the profiles that match with your preferences so that you can start building your tech team today with zero effort. Unfortunately, that's where 560 Tech Jobs ends its job and comes the human part of the selection (Yeah... Sorry about that.). Start interviewing to get to know your future employee.

B) Tech Careers

As you already are part of the tech industry, why not set your sights high? Smaller companies, big industry players, fastest-growing tech companies with a promising future, tech companies with cool corporate cultures… You have the future on your feet, only need to use your tools right! That's why 560 Tech Jobs is here - your HR manager and advisor to help you join an outstanding tech company! Of course, we want to settle you in the best offer concerning your preferences, but what if this is in Portugal? Think about that!

Find Me A Job

First, you have to sign up and give us a few pieces of information about you. Remember, we need to treat you by your first name and be your partner to get you the perfect job match. Don't be shy about your ambitions - that is precisely the reason why your future boss will hire you!

Perfil I

Also, we work hard every day to have endless and promising offers for you: if you are a remote person or are dying for an adventure on a different country, tell us your limits, and we'll let you know our secrets!

Perfil II

You'll have the opportunity to check this later, but 560 Tech Jobs will also develop a relationship with you (don't think that's weird, please!): as you fill in the gaps, the connection and trust between the two grow. That represents the level of information 560 Tech Jobs will give you back about the companies you want to work for.

Profile complete! Now it's the time to search for jobs opportunities: select the right filters and stick to it... Your dream job is about to come!

Job Offers

Oh! We appreciate very much your connects, that's why we have developed a referral fee system that gives you €300 every time a friend of you - the person that you’ve reference -, is hired through 560 Tech Jobs.

Perks of being part

Tech and non-tech companies

  • Free Version:
    • - Announce new job opportunities on our platform free of charge
    • - Receive applications directly on your inbox
    • - Find hidden talent
    • - Get a new employee that is 100% matching with your preferences
    • - Form your tech team with zero effort
    • - Get a new partner
    • - Get the chance to enter Portugal easily
    • - Focus on your core business, we take care of the rest

  • Premium Model:
    • - All that it's included on the Free Version
    • - Receive only vetted Candidates
    • - Announce your job opportunities via Lisbon Tech Guide's social media
    • - A 24/7 support

  • Tech Careers
    • - Get access to a pool of tech companies
    • - Find a place to work that matches your preferences and ambitions
    • - Find the job of your dreams
    • - Be in contact with many recognized companies
    • - Get exposure and training with the interviews
    • - Get €300 every time a contact that you’ve mentioned is hire through 560 Tech Jobs

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